A Brief History - Of the Kruger National Park The Kruger National Park is the largest sanctuary in the Republic of South-Africa and one of the largest managed and protected park in the world. It is situated in the northeastern corner of the country between the Crocodile river in the south and the Limpopo River in the north. The international border of Mozambique forms the eastern boundary of the Kruger National Park, and then it follows the Lebombo mountains in the south and carry's on to the north to the Limpopo River.
The western boundary is very irregular separating private, commercial land and property from the Kruger National Park. If you would look at the park from a satellite Image or on Google Earth you will see it looks like an reversed 'L' and covers an area of 1948528ha or about 20 000km².

The first Europeans that set foot in Mpumalanga Lowveld were 31 men led by Francois de Kruipe. Delagoa Bay and the later Lourenco Marques took over and now it is Maputo, at th…